Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post begun and abandoned on the 11th.

I had these tabs open and didn't want to close them OR post, apparently.

Do you live in Richmond, Va? Do you like excellent deals?

A small literary journal. I find them amusing.

One of my favorite movies is an independent film called "Expiration Date." This is a video on the director's website. I'd give you more information, but I haven't gotten around to watching the whole thing yet.

And this is today's, or yesterday's if you want to be really technical. A website that will take your design and print it on fabric for you.

Also, here's an article on misleading headlines, with regards to a recent set of articles on formula/early introduction of solids vs. exclusive breastfeeding. Rather interesting for the investigation of blatant and deliberate misinformation in headlines, even if you aren't interested in infant and maternal health.

Lastly, I've been meaning to listen to this NPR interview with Billie Joe Armstrong for days, and it needs to be off my desktop for reals.

Monday, December 13, 2010

This is truly horrible.

If you don't know why, I really don't think there's much hope for our friendship.
Also, I have been following this blogger on another page, and just discovered that she has this blog as well. She is, if you'll forgive the expression, hella talented. I don't really get her a lot of the time, but I am fascinated by the small painted windows into her mind that she drops into her posts.

That's all, folks.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Nerdiness revealed. Reveled in.

I mentioned elsewhere online, and many times to innocent bystanders aloud, that I have a serious thing for the writings of Neil Gaiman, and incidentally also for his website*. Turns out he was on NPR, and I missed it. Luckily, there does appear to be a God, and this interview has been safely catalogued on the internet for our listening pleasure. And such a pleasure it was. Please listen here.

There is a HHG fan club. Did you know? Hitchhker's Appreciation Society ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.

On the topic of awesome websites, Ok Go has a pretty great one as well. I recommend it. I have taken the liberty of linking you to their "videos" page, which, horrifyingly, is missing my original favorite Ok Go video ever*: The Ping Pong Instructional video. I have located it elsewhere:

On an entirely different note, I have been listening to more country music radio than usual lately. Here in my lovely city we are blessed with two whole country music stations, which provides a lot of commercial-avoidance opportunities. (When this fails, I also flip through the alternative stations, the indie station, and the Christmas music station. If those all fail me, there's always NPR. As a last resort, cds, or silence.) I have begun to mentally compile a "this is my dream for my life" song list. So far it mostly includes a song entitled "Redneck Yacht Club." Don't judge me.

You can look it up if you want, but I am choosing not to inflict Craig Morgan's obnoxious head-bobble on you against your will.

The other song, less firmly decided, is Sugarland's latest song, "Stuck Like Glue." This one I'm not linking you to because the official video is one of those that doesn't follow the actual message of the song. Look it up if you like. Just so you know, if you are one of those who isn't a fan of the genre, Sugarland tends to be less annoyingly country than many other bands.

*I've linked you to the "Cool Stuff & Things" page, which is the coolest page in my opinion. I feel that I should point out that it will show you different cool stuff and things each time that you click it.

**I say "original favorite" because my favorite changes with pretty much every successive Ok Go video release. I can't help it.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I remembered!

Here are the other two things I meant to share:

First, a video on one man's hopeful view of the future of local transportation:

(Trust me--it's really cool.)

Second, a video shared with me by my friend John. I have never heard of this artist and his style isn't usually my thing, but I pretty much love this song:

Lastly, here's that picture of Stephen Colbert. I just feel like it needs to be here in the flesh.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Suddenly I want to watch the Colbert Report.

Yeah so, I want these so bad. Buckyballs.\

Someone posted a picture of Stephen Colbert as a young man, and I have fallen inexplicably in love with it. Every time I go to the tab to close it, I decide that I just need to keep it open a little bit longer. That smile is just so infectious! I might need a poster or something. See for yourself!

Peel-and-stick whiteboards. Seriously, who doesn't need that?

I haven't actually used this site yet, per se, but it seems cool if never-paying-full-price is your thing. It's pretty much my thing, so I get that.

I really felt like I had other awesome things to share, but I seem to have forgotten them. How unlike me...